Welcome to Korvosa, the jewel of Varasia.

This web site will serve the campaign as a place to read more about the setting, keep notes and ask questions. This is a work in progress, so if you don’t see something, just ask. It will probably appear soon!

September 27 Arrive at 5:30 to hang out or have questions about your character. We will start the game after I pick up pizza at 6:30.

August 27: First game we will create your character and start our first adventure. If you like, visit Paizo.com and download a free copy of The Curse of the Crimson Throne Players Guide. It’s an excellent document to get an understanding of the setting, the city of Korvosa. It was created in the early days of Pathfinder, so it only included core races and classes. You can add the classes in The Advanced Players Guide (Cavilier, Summoner, etc.) to the list of allowed classes. Please stick with the core races though.

I’ve also added a lot of additional content about Korvosa in the wiki, and will be modifying it as we move along. Consider all the information in the wiki to be common knowledge for the residents of the city.

Old Town Defenders