Special Equipment

Adventurers in Korvosa employ a wide variety of weapons, armor, and gear.

Barbarian Chew: The Shoanti make this bitter red chew by drying the leaves of the galtroot, a stunted bush found across the Cinderlands. It increases the duration of barbarian rage by +1 round as the stimulant increases aggressiveness. These effects last for 1 hour.

Doctor’s Mask: Often stylized to look like bird masks, a doctor’s mask consists of a pair of goggles attached to a wooden or ceramic “beak” that covers the wearer’s nose and mouth. This beak can be filled with herbs, perfumes, and spices to aid in preventing the contraction of infectious dis- eases. While worn, the mask grants a +1 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saves made against airborne toxins and scent-based effects. In Korvosa, it is a minor crime to wear a doc- tor’s mask in public if you are not a healer or physician.

Earth Breaker: These massive hammers, used by Varisia’s Shoanti tribes, are common barbarian weapons.

Harrow Deck: This is a traditional fortune-telling deck of cards used by Varisian soothsayers and seers. Some Harrow decks are elaborately illustrated, but most are parchment or paper cards with hand-painted images. Harrow decks are often handed down through generations and treated with utmost care by their users as a result.

Hide Shirt: This light armor is typically made from the hide, bones, and thick scales of giant lizards.

Klar: You can attack an opponent with a klar, using it as an off-hand, martial to make an attack, you lose its AC bonus until your next action (usually until the next round). Both segments of a klar can be enhanced separately. An enhancement bonus on the shield does not improve the effectiveness of the blade and vice versa.

Perfume/Cologne: Perfume and cologne are common accessories for those who hope to avoid offending through scent. More expensive, exotic scents are available for sale in finer quarters of the city. Exotic perfumes and colognes are typically sold in vials containing 10 applications, with a single dose lasting for 24 hours during, which its wearer gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks.
Sawtooth Sabre: The signature weapons of the notorious assassins’ guild known as the Red Mantis, sawtooth sabres are cruel but efficient weapons. Their curved, serrated blades are capable of making deep wounds and in the hands of a skilled user are treated as light weapons. A character without Exotic Weapon Proficiency (sawtooth sabre) can wield one of these weapons as a longsword.

Bladed Scarf: A bladed scarf is a reach weapon, so you can strike opponents 10 feet away with it. It can also be used against an adjacent foe. You can make trip attacks with a bladed scarf. If you are proficient with a bladed scarf, you deal 1d4 points of slashing damage to any creature who makes a successful grapple check against you. You can use the Weapon Finesse feat to apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier on attack rolls with a bladed scarf sized for you, even though it isn’t a light weapon for you.

Pocketed Scarf: This scarf grants you a +4 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made to hide objects on your body. Reinforced Scarf: Useful as a length of chain or manacles, this 8-foot-long scarf is reinforced with fine chain links and metal plates. A reinforced scarf has hardness 10 and 4 hit points. It can be burst with a DC 24 Strength check.

Shoanti Bola: The Shoanti often use special bolas carved from bones and weighted with stones. These bolas func- tion as standard bolas but deal lethal damage rather than nonlethal damage. Most Shoanti bolas can also function as bullroarers—tiny holes carved in the weights cause them to emit a mournful keening sound when spun.

Starknife: This weapon has long served the church of Desna as a holy weapon. A wielder can stab with the starknife or throw it like a chakram.

Varisian Idol: These depictions of forgotten spirits can be used to augment summoning magic. If used as an additional material component for any summon monster or summon nature’s ally spell, the summoned creature has an additional +2 hit points per Die.

Special Equipment

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